Strategies for Northern Development

The Strategies for Northern Development (SND) is a local non-governmental organization working with nomadic pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. SND was registered in Kenya with NGO coordination board as a fully-fledged NGO on 6th of December 2007 and Agency for Civil Society organization in Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on 21st October 2019. It sprouted from two CBOs (Pastoralist Strategies and Rehabilitation Programme (PASREP) which was registered in January 2002 and Community Development and Poverty Alleviation Program (CODPAP) registered in January 2004). The two CBO’s merged to enable their resourceful persons share wealth of experience and skills in order to address myriads of challenges facing pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya.

The orgnization has grown rapidly over the last 12 years in terms of geographical coverage, scope of technical programs as well as financial and human resources.  SND commands a wealth of experience in development/ humanitarian work as well as managing huge donor resources. Over the years it has received funding from various Local and International NGOs, UN agencies; European Union as well as USAID funded Health and Peace building programs. The operational capacity of SND has also been strengthened during the past 5 years through an increased budgetary allocation and recruitment of competent staffs to enhance organizational capacity.




Marsabit County
Wajir County
Isiolo County
Samburu County
Mandera County


Somali Region
Oromia Region
Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Region

A society where all Pastoralist Communities are resilient and live a dignified life


To empower and transform pastoralist communities to be self-resilient in life


SND is committed to the following core values in its work and organizational life. These values serve as our working norms and establish the behavioral guidelines for successful organizational performance:

  • Non-discrimination. Our support is available to any human being in need regardless of their religion, ethnicity and gender. We want to ensure that the muted voices are heard, resources are fairly shared and partnerships are equitable and dignified.
  • Transparency and accountability – We are determined to increase genuine accountability to donors, the public and affected communities by making the delivery of local and international humanitarian and development responses more transparent.
  • Integrity and Team spirit; we attach great value to individual staff integrity and in dealing with others in all aspects of our work. We endeavor to consistently work in a spirit of mutual trust and honesty,
  • Do no harm; when providing general assistance, we ensure that SND staff, stakeholders and their actions do not undermine protection, nor exacerbate existing inequalities especially in emergency situations.
  • Diversity; we respect and celebrate diversity. We seek to have a workforce that reflects inclusiveness and is diverse by race, gender and geography both within the communities we work, and our own organization.
  • Participatory. We aim to increase local influence on decision-making through active participation of local communities and other key stakeholders.
  • Partnership, collaboration and networking. We work in partnership with communities and in alliance with other organizations.