Peace Building & Governance

Sustainable Food Systems Programme:

This is 5 years USAID/WFP funded program targeting smallholder producers, food-insecure and vulnerable populations benefit from more sustainable, inclusive food systems and increased resilience to climate shocks to meet food and nutrition needs by 2023. In partnership with county Government of Marsabit, Isiolo and Samburu the project supports creation of assets and transfer of knowledge, skills and climate risk management tools to support adaptation to climate change, diversified livelihoods & better nutrition. The program further facilitates access to markets and provides technical expertise in supply chain to promote inclusive commercial food systems & enhance consumption of safe, nutritious & diversified foods. The program envisages that target communities are able to determine, create and utilize productive assets and diversified and sustainable food production systems, receive conditional in kind or cash based transfers to address immediate food consumption gaps and receive comprehensive package of nutrition interventions including nutrition education and skills transfer, linkages to social protection schemes and essential health and nutrition services including provision of micronutrient powders in order to improve their nutrition status.

Programme Partners: