Simple steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  1. Regularly wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue or cough and sneeze into your flexed elbow
  3. Avoid hugging, hand shaking or kissing anyone with a flu like symptoms
  4. Stay home and avoid travelling when having flu like symptoms
  5. Avoid close contact with people with flu like symptoms

COVID 19, the current status

COVID-19 infections currently stands at more than 16.3 million people across the world and more than 844,000 in Africa, with over 649,000 deaths across the world as compared to over 17,500 deaths in Africa. The virus continues to spread at a high rate with no cure nor vaccine available.

Frontier counties of the northern region of Kenya have for a long time been economically marginalized, suffered fragility, instability, poverty and insecurity. Safeguarding these regions against the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuring that recent development gains are not reversed is critical. SND is in the frontline in rolling out interventions that are inline with this region’s interest.

Our COVID-19 Response

Distributed 100 innovative handwashing facilities, 500 hand sanitizers,1000 soaps, 8 billboards with peace and COVID 19 messages, 2500 face masks, 50 Aprons, 50 protective googles, 50 gumboots, 50 face shields and 500 boxes of sterile gloves across Marsabit County

25 vulnerable children and their families trained on basic hygiene and sanitation and supported with; Kes 2,000 per month for 3 months, 310 liters plastic storage tanks, 7500 gloves, 100 sanitizers, 240 masks.

70 health care workers trained on COVID 19 and 10 innovative hand washing stations placed across 10 health facilities.

9,168 households in 50 distribution sites across Marsabit County supported with; 511.574 metric tones of sorghum, 102.315 metric tones of pulses, 34.105 metric tones of veg oil.

    Local community structures engaged on peace building, VAWG, policing and countering violent extremism.


    See what steps you can take to help protect yourself and others from COVID – 19.

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