• 1. Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Children and their families/Communities against drought and other disaster Risks in Marsabit County, Northern Kenya supported by Terre des Hommes Netherlands
      Specific locations in Moyale Sub County: Badan Rero, Amballo, Adadi, Kukub, Damballa Fachana, Gada, Rawana, Funan Qumbi, Elleborr and Golole.
    • 2. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Education in Moyale Sub county Supported by AmplifyChange (A consortium of Mannion Danniels, Global Fund for Women and African Women Development Fund)(2015-2020)
      Specific locations in Moyale Sub County: Moyale Township, Butiye, Golbo, Sololo and Uran ward.
    • SELAMEKISIL: Three years (2018-2021) cross border Peace program supported by European Union in North West Kenya (North Horr-Marsabit and Turkana County) and South West Ethiopia (OMO Delta).
    • 4. Building Sustainable Peace and Development among Cross border communities of Marsabit County and Borana Zone of Southern Ethiopia with financial support from USAID through Pact Kenya (2015-2019)
      Specific locations in Moyale Sub County: Moyale Kenya/Moyale Ethiopia, Sololo/Mio, Forolle/Dire and Dukana/Dillo/Teltele.
    • 5. Integrated programme to Build Resilience and Adaptive capacities of IDPs and vulnerable Host communities in Ellebor area of Marsabit County in Northern Kenya (2016-2020).
      Specific locations in Moyale Sub County: Elleborr- Uran Ward.
    • 6. Golbo Child Sponsorship Project (2009-2022) supported by World Vision Kenya.
      Specific locations in Moyale Sub County: Dabel, Godoma, Odda and Nana.
    • 7. Sustainable Food Systems Programme with support from World Food Programme (2019-2023).
      Specific locations: Marsabit County: Marsabit, Isiolo and Samburu Counties
    • 8. Building Child trafficking free zones in Rural and urban Kenya (2018-2020) with support from Terre des Hommes Netherlands.
      Specific locations: Moyale and Mandera borders
    • 9. RE-INVENT (Reducing Insecurity and Violent Extremism in Northern and Coastal Regions of Kenya) (2020-2022)  with support from UK government through DFID.
      Specific locations: Marsabit County: Moyale, Saku and North-Horr