Ongoing Projects

  1. SEEK II (SELAM EKISIL) cross border Peace Building project targeting North West Kenya (Marsabit and Turkana Counties) and South West Ethiopia (OMO Delta) implemented in partnership with  PACT Kenya and financially  supported by European Union.
  2. The Cash for Community Cohesion (CCC) is an Intervention to strengthen the livelihood resilience for migrants and host communities in Ethiopia Moyale and Kenya Moyale. The project provides cash assistance to host and migrant communities in Kenya Moyale and Ethiopia Moyale.
  3. Reducing Insecurity and Violent Extremism in Northern and Coastal Regions of Kenya (RE-INVENT). RE-INVENT Seeks to address intercommunal conflicts, weak Community Police relations, Violence against women and girls, violent extremism and election related violence. This is achieved by sustaining police reforms, Enhancing Peacebuilding, Tackling Violence against Women and Girls, Improving Election Security, Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Conflict Sensitive Development.
  4. USAID _ RLA – Resilience Learning Activity works to strengthen capacities of the organizations and institutions for analyzing, facilitating learning for adaptive management, and improving knowledge management and communication.
  5. Sustainable food Systems Programme is a 5 years program targeting smallholder producers, food-insecure and vulnerable populations, to benefit from more sustainable, inclusive food systems and increased resilience to climate shocks, to meet food and nutrition needs by 2023.
  6. Holale Resilience Project with financial support from Seed foundation through Interactions and Solidarity. Sustainably strengthen the resilience and food security of the host pastoral community, through the creation of innovative income-generating activities in the beekeeping and family farming sectors.
  7. Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project with financial support from World Bank through Marsabit County Gov’t. The objective of the Climate Smart Agriculture Project for Kenya is to increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change risks in the targeted smallholder farming and pastoral communities in Kenya, and in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, to provide immediate and effective response. 
  8. The Arid and Semi Arid Lands Humanitarian Network Cash transfer Project. This is an intervention to respond to the 2021 drought situation within Marsabit County, Financed by OXFAM America
  9. Golbo Child Sponsorship Supported by World Vision offers child sponsorship to needy families in Golbo ward area. With support from our sponsor, we empower the community to better support their children’s health, education, protection and growth. 
  10. Supplementary Food Programme (SFP) with financial support from USAID through World Food Programme (WFP) Kenya targeting Communities in Marsabit, Samburu and Isiolo County. The aim of the project is to rehabilitate moderately malnourished children, adolescents, adults and elderly persons, and prevent them from becoming severely malnourished.

    Completed Projects:

    1. Documenting and promoting community understanding and adaptation to climatic change in Moyale sub county, Northern Kenya supported by IWKL/RSF Social Finance
    2. Enhancing HIV/AIDS Awareness ,prevention and training among construction workers and host communities along Turbi-Moyale Road supported by African Development Bank through Kenya National Highways Authority
    3. Governance, capacity building and community empowerment supported by UNDP Kenya
    4. Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Children and their families/Communities against drought and other disaster Risks in Marsabit County, Northern Kenya with support from Terre des Hommes Netherlands
    5. Building on indigenous knowledge and institutions to improve livelihoods, resilience and adaptive capacity of pastoral and agro pastoral communities in Sololo Sub Counties –Northern Kenya with financial support from The Christensen Fund
    6. Working towards peaceful elections supported by UNDP Amkeni Wakenya
    7. Integrated Maternal Mobile Health (IMMH-GPS) Project
    8. Strengthening Kenya/Ethiopia effort (s) to contain illicit flows at Moyale (Kenya-Ethiopia) border through operationalization of newly constructed one-stop border post (OSBP): To spur economic growth, cross border cooperation and Social Integration with financial support from GIZ-African Union Border Programme.
    9. Building the foundation for Child  Trafficking free Zones in Urban and rural Kenya  supported by Terre Des Hommes  Netherlands
    10. Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Education among pastoral   communities in Northern Kenya supported by Amplify change (Mannion Daniels, Global Fund for Women and African Women  Development Fund)
    11. SEEK I (SELAM EKISIL) cross border peace  building project  targeting North West Kenya (Marsabit and Turkana Counties) and South West Ethiopia  (OMO Delta) implemented in partnership with  PACT Kenya and financially  supported by European Union.
    12. Kenya Locust Response (Community Led Surveillance) with financial support from Oxfam GB
    13. Building Sustainable Peace and Development among cross border communities of Northern Kenya-Marsabit county and Borana Zone of Southern Ethiopia supported by USAID through PACT Kenya
    14. OVC/HCBC support by USAID through Aphiaplus Imarisha