#Drought Control

Cash for Community Cohesion (CCC)

East Africa and the Horn of Africa countries are suffering from multiple shocks due to Covid-19, deadly floods and surging desert locust. To help communities cope, the Cash for Community Cohesion program provides cash assistance that households can use to meet their most pressing needs. Cash assistance also provides liquid cash injections into the economy that creates returns for local traders and other community members. In addition to providing cash income, this program offers employment opportunities for mobile populations and host communities in select border areas in Kenya and Ethiopia, with a focus on skilled and semi-skilled people, especially youth and women. The program is increasing household incomes of mobile and host communities, reducing diet-related health conditions that lead to disease, increasing food security and contributing to fair wages and improved livelihoods. The program is also working to increase social cohesion by engaging recipients in activities that enhance communities’ common goals.