#Drought Response

ASAL Humanitarian Network Cash Transfer:

In November 2021 with financial support from Oxfam we disbursed Kes 4,261,275 to 535 House Holds in Rawana, Funan Qumbi, Elleborr, Elledhimtu, Turbi, and Burgabo. Each HH received kes 7,965 via MPESA for two cycles. This eased horrendous suffering inflicted by the  ravaging drought on these pastoral communities at least for two months of 2021…Read More

#Drought Response

Sustainable Food Systems Programme:

In partnership with World Food Programme through Sustainable Food Systems Program (SFSP), we supported 9,168 HHs across Marsabit County with the following food items:
* Sorghum 50kg/HH/Month
* Beans. 11kg/HH/Month
* Veg oil. 3.7kg/HH/Month for 8 cycles within the year since 2019… Read more
#Drought Response

Suplimentary Food Programme

We supported 10,510 children under five who are under weight with plumpy sup & CSB in the 3 counties of (Marsabit – 7,688; Isiolo – 507; Samburu – 2,315)… Read More

Programme Partners: