#Covid-19 Response

Covid 19 Response

Frontier counties of the northern region of Kenya have for a long time been economically marginalized, suffered fragility, instability, poverty and insecurity. Safeguarding these regions against the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic…Read More…
#Desert Locust Control

Desert Locust Control:

Plagues of locusts hit accross Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia when the region was already facing very high levels of food insecurity after countries had been hit by massive droughts and in some areas flash floods… Read More

#Drought Response

Supplementary Food Programme

In partnership with World Food Programme through Supplementary Food Program (SFP), we supported 10,510 children under five years who wer underweight with plumpy sup and CSB in the three counties of Marsabit – 7,688; Isiolo – 507; Samburu – 2,315).
#Drought Response

Sustainable Food Systems Programme

In partnership with World Food Programme through Sustainable Food Systems Program (SFSP), SNDAfrica supported 9,168 HHs across Marsabit County with the following food items:
* Sorghum 50kg/HH/Month
* Beans. 11kg/HH/Month
* Veg oil. 3.7kg/HH/Month for 8 cycles within the year since 2019

Programme Partners: