#Desert Locust Control

 Integrated Programme to Build Resilience and Adaptive Capacities of IDPs and Vulnerable Host Communities in Elleborr area of Sololo Sub County in Marsabit County-Northern Kenya

With support  from French organization Interactions and Solidarity International, SND designed a holistic 3 years integrated relief, recovery and reconstruction program for the host community and IDPs which were displaced from their homes in Badha Hurri in North Horr Sub county to Elle Borr location of Sololo Sub-county following a tribal clashes between 2012-2014.

Th program has  5 components:

(1). Six (6) months food relief/complementary food assistance for 340 HHs displaced from Badha Hurri  and some host communities (Also targeting supplimentary feeding programme (TSFP) treatment for malnourished children) –SND  managed the purchase of food from the local vendors and distribution of food to target population;

(2). Shelter construction for the most vulnerable IDPs (52 two rooms mabati house has been constructed so far);

(3). Water and Hygiene Support (water trucking during drought,distribution of water treatment chemicals,hygiene promotion training,construction of latrines, desalination of the Ellebor borehole and provision of 10,000 litres storage tanks);

(4). Development of Education infrastructures (construction of additional classrooms, library and provision of learning materials);

(5). Alternative Livelihoods Development: these includes Bee keeping as an alternative livelihoods, small scale agriculture/growing of kales and tomatoes using innovative drought resistant Amiran technologies, training of women and youth groups on soap making, tailoring and use of recycled materials.