#Child Protection

Building Resilience and Adaptive Capacity of Children and their families/Communities against drought and other disaster Risks in Marsabit County, Northern Kenya supported by Terre des Hommes Netherlands (2017-2019):

The project seeks to build resilience and adaptive capacity of vulnerable pastoral communities living in Moyale sub county of Marsabit County while also ensuring protection of children from the threat of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. It initially started as a 6-month emergency response project using cash transfer targeting 518 HHs and later graduated into recovery and resilience building interventions to strengthen the capacity of communities and local government structures against future shocks.

Additionally, the project involved activities geared toward enhancing children’s capacities through life skills training so that they can contribute to their own protection and that of others.

Capacity development for out of school children especially the adolescent group is also done on income generating activities.

Key achievement under this project includes; Formation of child rights clubs in nine (9) schools (Damballa fachana, Badanrero, Gada, Amballo, Kukub, Adadi, Rawana, Funan Qumbi and Elleborr) ,Psychosocial support/regular station days for children previously affected by drougts, local communities,teachers, Board of Management and government structures training on child protection in emergencies, Provision of schools uniforms to nine hundred (900) pupils,Bursaries to hundred (100) most vulbnerable high school students,seed capital of kes 20,000 to 20 most vulnerable child mothers and adolescent youths to start a small business, Entreprenuership training for women and girls, construction of 3 class rooms at Gada,kukub and Adadi and equiping with 50 desks each ,construction of 100,000 litres under ground water tank in Rawana,Provision of water treatment chemicals,dignitary towels to nine hundred thirty eight (938) girls/month and provision of fourteen(14) 10,000 litres plastic storage tanks to schools and communities.