• Supported trauma-healing processes for the local communities affected by the conflict.
    • Community dialogue -on peace building initiatives: supported dialogue sessions among women, youth, elders and religious leaders.
    • Supported youth/women sporting/cultural events that resulted in reconciliation among rivaling communities
    • Strengthened traditional instruments of peace–declarations/alternative
      dispute resolution mechanisms between warring communities i.e.Reviewed Dukana-Dillo-Maikona agreement between Gabra andBorana.
    • Enhanced mediation skills among elders & religious leaders through conflict prevention, mitigation and response trainings
    • Strengthened the capacity of cross border peace committees  Promoted greater leadership skills among women & youth  Strengthened entrepreneurial & mentoring skills for youth  Facilitated a youth-led outreach campaigns that expose the cost of engaging in violence
    • Conducted Countering Violent Extremism-CVE trainings for religious leaders i.e. Mosque Imams, Madrasa teachers and security agents.
    • Formed peace clubs in schools and organized inter-school forums for cross learning.
    • Strengthened capacity of Marsabit Interfaith Council on conflict
      prevention, mitigation and response and P/CVE
    • Enhanced/improved cross border coordination & communication efforts among & between local government authorities.
    • Supported regular inter & intra local government and cross border meetings.
    • Promoted partnership between /with local/government & peace
    • Strengthened Capacity of Border management Committees  Supported the community understanding of integrated border management systems and the importance of peace and security in facilitating cross border trade/movement
    • Strengthened local EWER mechanisms within and across border  Strengthened mechanisms for co-management of shared and contested resources
    • Enhanced community-police relations
    • Enhanced cross-border collaboration for peace and security
    • Supported cross-border inter-governmental meetings
    • Exploring new cross-border mechanisms/forums
    • Increased community engagement to strengthen foundations for peace
    • Enhancing youth roles in and creating positive foundations for peace
      and security
    • Supported linking of vulnerable youth to employment opportunities
    • Supported training in conflict-management, mediation, and advocacy
    • Youth exchanges and special event
    • Mainstreamed youth participation in community decision-making
    • Enhanced women’s role in peace and security
    • Promoted peace through economic benefit or established trade
    • Increased levels of conflict-sensitive development
    • Improved coordination and collaboration among cross border partners
    • Supported county level civic education on the devolved government and representation structures including targeting women, youth, PWDs
      and minorities
    • Supported community understanding of voter education on the new
      voting systems and processes.
    • Facilitated training of citizens (including Women, youth, PWDs and
      Minorities) on Policy and legislative development process.
    • Facilitated citizen engagement in the development and implementation
      of policies and legislations relating to devolved structures, including
      women, youth, PWDs and Minorities.
    • Supported citizen engagement in the development of policies on setting
      up of the devolved government structures and systems
    • Supported formation of County Citizen Oversight Committees
    • Supported periodic citizen accountability fora
    • Organized learning platforms on devolution
    • Strengthened the capacity of citizens in the county to do monitoring and
      advocacy at the county
    • Supported development and utilization of county citizen scorecards
    • Liaised with the line ministries working with the devolved governments
    • Created and Maintained a community of practice platform on devolution
    • Engaged with national networks on devolution i.e. Civil society
      Reference groups