Promoting Sexual & Reproductive Health Rights Education among Pastoralists Communities in Northern Kenya (2015-2020)

This project supported by AmplifyChange-a consortium in UK of (Mannion Daniels, Global fund for women and African Women Development Fund), has been instrumental in promoting initiatives aimed at empowering communities to advocate effectively on Sexual and Reproductive Health Right (SRHR) issues by increasing their capacity to formulate policy priorities, monitor their implementation and influence decision-makers. This include community outreach activities, campaigns to enhance delivery of SRH services, youth led peer education campaigns, formation of Youth Advocate Groups, promoting the meaningful participation of youth and women in decision-makings; and increase access to youth-friendly reproductive & sexual health information and services.  It is implemented in Moyale Sub-county targeting 20,000 populations.

Specific Achievements:
  • Provision of sanitary towel to 640 students for 4 year period that has increased class attendance for girls from vulnerable families during their menses.
  • Increased VCT attendance due to awareness creation activities undertaken on SRHR issues
  • Through drama, music, radio show and sport tournaments many people were reached with SRHR messages on FGM, Early marriage. A girl was rescued from early marriage in Badanrero.
  • SND managed to partner with SRHR alliance.
  • Youth advocacy groups were trained and they are actively undertaking SRHR campaigns in many stakeholder forums in the county through their selected SRHR youth ambassadors.
  • There is improved SRHR advocacy campaigns being undertaken by religious leaders on FGM in the society after receiving training from the program
  • Formed SRHR grass root movement that has been linked with national movements like SRHR Alliance to spearhead SRHR issues at local level.


Enhancing HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and training among construction workers and host communities along Turbi-Moyale Road: With support from Kenya National Highway Authority. The project targeted construction workers operating along Turbi–Moyale road project and host communities. The goal of the project is to prevent an increase in spread of HIV/AIDS by reducing potential negative social impacts associated with the implementation and operation of the Turbi-Moyale Roads Development Project. The purpose of the project is to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV/AIDS and STIs among construction workers; local resident communities, particularly the vulnerable poor and minority people; commercial sex workers (CSWs); and truck drivers in the context of ongoing infrastructure development projects.

  • Increased awareness about HIV/AIDS and STIs among local communities, construction workers, contractors and transport business communities.
  • Effective behavior change program established through information and education campaigns (IECs), community mobilization, social marketing, and condom distribution.
  • Comprehensive HIV testing and STI treatment packages delivered at clinics and Medical centres in the road project neighborhood.
  • Improved HIV/AIDS and STI monitoring system including epidemiological surveillance.


Sustainable food Systems Programme: WFP

  • Provision of supplementary feeding programme-SFP to all the health centres in Marsabit, Isiolo and Samburu counties.


Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Project 2013 with support from Aphiplus Imarisha consortium and Interactions and Solidarity International 2016-2019

  • Desalination of Elleborr borehole
  • Hygiene, sanitation and promotional trainings at village level and schools (Bute)
  • Protection of water sources and household water treatment (Buna)
  • Town cleaning (Bute)
  • Integrated Health Stakeholders planning meetings (Bute)
  • Construction of 6 twin VIP Latrine (Korondile,Uran and Elleborr)
  • CLTS training
  • Provision of aqua tabs to schools and communities
  • Formation of hygiene and sanitation clubs in Schools
  • Construction of underground water tanks
  • Provision of underground storage tanks